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Executive Team

Bob Geolas

Bob Geolas
President & CEO
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Robert T. “Bob” Geolas is President and CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina. Bob joined the Research Triangle Foundation in November 2011 and coordinates initiatives and efforts to ensure the Park remains at the forefront of technology and applied science. He leads the Foundation in achieving its mission of creating opportunities for all of North Carolina by repositioning RTP to respond to new realities and re-invent itself to meet the demands of the 21st Century.

Bob brings more than 20 years of experience to RTP and has a proven track record of leveraging world-class education, research and business activities. Prior to being named the President & CEO of the Foundation, Bob most recently served as Executive Director of the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) and Associate Vice President for Economic Development at Clemson University. In his earlier career, Bob led North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus and Centennial Biomedical Campus.

Liz Rooks

Liz Rooks
Executive Vice President & COO

"My favorite thing about The Park is the impact it has had for the good of the economy of North Carolina."

As the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Liz is responsible for short and long range physical planning and operational management. Liz serves on the Executive Committee of the Research Triangle Park Owners & Tenants Association, working with the association on issues of importance to Park companies.  

Linda Hall

Linda Hall
Chief Financial Officer
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"It's pretty amazing. We work with and amongst over 170 companies, ranging from Fortune 500 global companies to the small one person start up -- all who work toward a common goal of furthering our future of science, technology and research."

As Chief Financial Officer, Linda is responsible for the Foundation’s finance and administration functions, including strategic financial planning and analysis, human resources, information technology, and the Archie K. Davis Conference Center. 

Mason Ailstock

Mason Ailstock
Vice President of Business Development
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As Vice President, Mason leads the business development, marketing, real estate and partnership efforts of the Research Triangle Park. He is responsible for strengthening our role in partnering with regional and state economic development efforts and expanding our partnerships with the universities and Park companies.


Cynthia Harris
Executive Assistant to Bob Geolas

Cynthia serves as the executive assistant to the Foundation's President and CEO, Bob Geolas. She also works closely with the Board of Directors and many of our university and coporate partners. Without her, we might all fall apart!


Business Development and Marketing

Anna Penner

Anna Penner
Senior Director, Business Development
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Anna plays an integral role in business development and client activities. She is responsible for leasing RTP-owned incubator Park Research Center and is the primary liaison with state and regional economic development groups.


Ruth Sheehan
Strategic Relations Advisor

Ruth comes to the Research Triangle Foundation with nearly 20 years of reporting and editing experience. Her role is to help us better communicate the story of our redevelopment, and the people it impacts, to the world.

Anna Rhyne

Anna Rhyne
Program Manager

"My favorite part of working in RTP, particularly in my position, is that I get to interact with all different types of businesses and organizations and learn about new and exciting things that are cultivating within the region."

Anna provides programmatic support to the Business Development team by serving as the primary contact for events conducted by the business development team.

 Julie Terry, Department Coordinator, New Business Development, The RTP

Julie Terry
Marketing and Special Projects Manager 
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"My favorite thing about RTP is our connection to North Carolina universities. I'm proud to be part of a team that works to strengthen these relationships for the betterment of all North Carolinians."

Julie works to support communication efforts across the foundation. From story telling to community partnership, she works to find new ways to strengthen RTPs reach throughout North Carolina, and the globe. Got a crazy idea, potential partnership opportunity or fun news item? She's your girl!


Jacob Newbauer
Community Coordinator at The Frontier

Jacob works with new and existing tenants at 800 Park Offices Drive to foster a new, collaborative community in the heart of RTP's Park Center redevelopment. Through event programming, problem solving and working with community parnters, his job is no small task!

Garrett Wood
Intern, Business Development Department

"My favorite thing about working in RTP is being a part of an organization that is actively changing the social and economic landscape of North Carolina."

Garrett assists the Business Development team with communications, marketing, research and event planning initiatives. He is an undergraduate at NC State studying marketing and entrepreneurial studies.

Conference Center Operations

Linda Rozet

Linda Rozet
Conference Center Manager

"My favorite thing about RTP is its inherent sense of purpose and dedication."

A seasoned event manager, Linda is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Archie K. Davis Conference Center and reception area.

Amanda Frystock

Amanda Frystock
Conference Center Meeting Planner

Amanda coordinates meeting logistics including set-up, presentation, and catering requirements, along with handling conference center tours and client communications.

Planning and Physical Development


Lisa Jemison
Director, @rtp Programs

"I love being surrounded by innovation and cutting-edge science at RTP. All around us people are trying things that have never been done before, and we're striving to do so in a sustainable, community-minded way."

Lisa works to develop a strong sense of community within RTP. She leads the Smart Commute, Community Outreach and Environment @RTP programs.

Corey Liles

Corey Liles
Senior Planner

"The greatest thing about RTP is the quality of life improvements it has fostered for all North Carolinians. I'm proud to be a part of it."

Corey provides technical input, including data and geographic mapping, to support the planning of infrastructure and land-use for the Master Plan project and other planning efforts of the Park. 

Rika McGowan
Administrative Assistant - Planning & Physical Development/Business Development

Rika works within two different departments at the Foundation in an effort to assist both teams on a variety of tasks. She also organizes meetings of TARDC, and works closely with @RTP Programs.


Abby Gingrich
@rtp Programs Project Coordinator

Abby maintains the various environmental programs, such as the Blue Bird Boxes, throughout RTP. She also assists the Director of RTP programs with various community outreach projects throughout the year. A a recent graduate of North Carolina State University, she is a welcome addition to the RTP team.

Finance and Business Operations



Becky Bumgardner
Senior Director, Philanthropy and Captial Campaign

Becky is leading the charge in the development of the Foundation's philanthropic campaign to assit with the redevelopment effort. Her job is key to the future of positioning RTP as a change agent for North Carolina.


Michelle Stiles

Michelle Stiles
Accounting Manager

"Being centrally located to top universities Duke, UNC and NC State gives companies great access to talent and research. I personally love the access to top notch doctors and specialists."

Michelle manages the accounting functions of the Research Triangle Foundation, Triangle Service Center, Durham Wake Service District and TUCASI. She is also responsible for payroll and HR administration.


Van Ly
Senior Financial Accountant

“The amazing people and great culture at RTF motivates me the most;  everyday as I walk through the office door, there is always a sense of positive energy generated among our staff and visitors.  It is like an immediate sense of something exceptional happening here.  Great things happen when you are surrounded by great leaders and a company that cares about its people, nurtures the culture, and offers a challenging work environment.”  

Van performs accounting functions for the Research Triangle Foundation, Davis 54, LLC, and the Durham–Wake Service District to produce timely and accurate financial reporting for senior management and the board of directors.  She also provides accounting support for the finance department.

Krystal Sanchez

Krystal Sanchez
Financial Accountant

“What prompted my relocation to the RTP area was the beautiful weather, picturesque foliage, and multitude of unique shops & restaurants.  It is a pleasure to work & live in such an environment every day.”

Krystal is responsible for accounts payable, cash receipts and accounts collections, in addition to providing administrative support for the finance department.


Diamond Folwer
Administrative Assistant

Diamond works to assist the finance and operations department at the Research Triangle Foundation. She also handles a variety of IT related issues that help keep the organizaiton afloat.




Tanner LaLonde
Intern, Finance and Operations

"My favorite thing about interning at RTP is the opportunity to interact with the Triangle's most prestigious individuals."

Tanner works works with Human Resources on document retention and event setup for the Research Triangle Foundation of NC. He is a student at NC State studying economics.