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If you’ve ever wanted to get to know RTP President & CEO Bob Geolas up close and personal, now’s your chance! Recently, Bob was interviewed by UNC grad Adriel Lubarsky for his Curious City podcast. Lubarsky, a self-proclaimed “Startup-er,” is interested in the why and how that drives so many of our region’s all stars. To date, his interviews have included celebrated chefs and artists right alongside university provost and notable startup successes.

In the interview, Bob talks about everything from growing up and visiting RTP with his family, to selling his original artwork to pay the bills in college, all the way  to how he came to lead RTP. Listeners will also get a great understanding behind the motivations and vision driving the man leading RTP into its next 50 years. Bob explains how a taking fresh look at how RTP develops – through the new Park Center project – requires much more than just “Starbucks and Jimmy Johns” and how he, with the help from the Board of Directors, intends to make it happen.

So, pop in your ear buds and take a listen.

And, if you enjoy the podcast, be sure to check out the one on Kimberly Jenkins. She serves the RTF Board of Directors and shares a killer story!