The Research Triangle Park

Introducing Park Center

Almost 60 years ago a group of visionary North Carolina leaders took on the charge of reinvigorating the state’s depressed economy. Their daring dream was called The Research Triangle Park, and upon becoming a reality, it was a wild success that changed North Carolina forever. Now, it’s our turn to reimagine the future once more. Introducing Park Center—a place for dreamers, innovators, designers, and thinkers.

Sometimes, looking back helps to present a path forward. We found inspiration for RTP’s new future in words presented by Gov. Luther Hodges in 1959. Then, he was speaking to the creation of something many deemed impossible. Today his words, remixed by kidEthnic and The Apple Juice Kid, inspire us to dream up something even our founders could have never imagined – a new phase of development for The Research Triangle Park called Park Center.

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