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CraZBrain Science Track Out and Summer Camp Opens in RTP’s Park Center

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — CraZBrain, a new science and discovery-based track out and summer camp, announces its opening at Park Center, RTP’s first planned area of mixed-use growth. With camps starting in August, CraZBrain aims to engage elementary and middle school kids tracking out throughout the year with engaging camp themes such as “Crazy Contraptions” and “007 Spy” that will continue educational engagement while outside of the classroom. CraZBrain was founded by husband and wife team Aaron Rothrock, a 9-year education veteran from Cary Academy and Ginger Rothrock, experienced entrepreneur and co-founder of Liquidia Technologies, both Chemistry Ph.D.s from UNC.

“We are excited to bring the CraZBrain camp concept to working families in the Triangle.” said Dr. Rothrock, “We founded CraZBrain as an opportunity for kids to learn that science and engineering can be fun and highly entertaining in a unique alternative to the traditional classroom experience. CraZBrain offers a hands-on, discovery-based environment that emphasizes learning through brainstorming, experimentation, and collaboration. But as far as the kids are concerned, they are just having a ton of fun.

”CraZBrain is the first community-focused tenant in the RTP’s Park Center project since the Research Triangle Foundation took ownership of the 100 acre property in January. CraZBrain joins other existing Park Center tenants such as RTI International, the Research Triangle High School, and the recently announced US2020 STEM Mentoring Program.

“CraZBrain is taking an essential educational service and putting an innovative twist on it,” said Bob Geolas, President and CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina. “CraZBrain’s focus on STEM education is very exciting, and we welcome them into our open innovation community.”

Through its summer programs at Cary Academy, start-up CraZBrain has served over 1,000 campers since its inception. Now, CraZBrain is poised to leverage its new location to support the strong base of tech-savvy RTP workers and their families.

CraZBrain Science Track Out and Summer Camps let kids explore and experience when tracking out of year round schools in Wake County, NC. Our RTP-based camps provide a unique environment where science concepts are explored through hands-on experiences designing, building, problem solving, and re-creating. Engaging camp themes including 007 Spy Camp, Crazy Contraptions, Outdoor Survival Skills, and Cooking-Carnivals-Chemistry keep the campers motivated and energized all week long. Founded by Chemistry Ph.D. and former Cary Academy teacher Aaron Rothrock, CraZBrain’s professional staff ensure all campers have a great time while they learn!

Research Triangle Foundation is the private, not-for-profit that has managed Research Triangle Park since its founding in the late 1950s. The 7,000-acre park is home to more than 190 companies, with more than 39,000 employees. The Park was built upon a public-private partnership model with some of the nation’s largest research companies, along with its three founding research universities, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, N.C. State and Duke.