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GENEWIZ provides reliable, award-winning Sanger DNA Sequencing services to researchers at academic, pharmaceutical, clinical, biotechnology, and government institutions. Due to a focus on excellent science and service at competitive prices, GENEWIZ is the #1 trusted partner of researchers.  GENEWIZ is well-equipped to handle DNA sequencing of all complexities including single tube, high-throughput, standard and solution-oriented, complex, custom, or GLP DNA sequencing projects.  GENEWIZ’s mission is to eliminate bottlenecks, improve productivity, and accelerate your research progress.



The mission of GENEWIZ is to contribute to the advancement of life sciences and technologies by making research more productive and cost efficient through our scalable services.

Our vision is to make GENEWIZ the partner of choice for life science research communities around the world. Together we can make a difference in the pursuit of scientific discoveries, better medicines, a greener environment, and abundant and healthy food supplies.

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