Oct 08 2020


3:00 pm

Duke-CZI Neurodegeneration Challenge Speaker Series

On behalf of Duke University and the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) Neurodegeneration Challenge Network, it is our pleasure to invite you to the virtual Duke-CZI Neurodegeneration Challenge Speaker Series: Bench to Bedside Collaboration Thursdays in October 2020!

Our mission: The goal of our event is to build a network among academic researchers, biotech researchers, patients, and clinicians working in the field of neurodegeneration in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (RTP). We believe that the key to combating neurodegenerative disease lies at the junction and collaboration of these groups.

Our keynote speakers
Dr. John Didsbury (October 8th, 3pm): President & CEO, Chairman of the Board, at T3D therapeutics at North Carolina Research Triangle Park.
Benjamin Stecher (October 15th, 3pm) : Ben was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at 29. He is now a leader in patient advocacy, the Founder of Tomorrow Edition, and co-author of the newly released book from Cambridge University Press, Brain Fables.
Dr. Sneha Mantri (October 22nd, 3pm): Duke Medical Humanities Program Director, Professor at Duke Neurology, and Movement Disorders Neurologist at Duke Hospital. Dr. Mantri is a leader on imaginative formation of physicians, particularly the use of creative writing to improve physician understanding of patient experience.
Dr. Kenneth Fischbeck (October 29th, 3pm): NIH Distinguished Investigator at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Registration: Please register by Friday, October 2nd, to confirm your attendance.