Feb 08 2024


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Art@Work Frontier RTP Campus Spring 2024 Reception

Join Triangle Community Foundation, Research Triangle Foundation, & the Durham Art Guild as we highlight Art@Work throughout Frontier RTP.

The Durham Art Guild in partnership with Triangle Community Foundation presents “Shape Language” by DAG member Maria Frati. Maria is a relief printmaker and oil painter. Her work is inspired by her deep connection with the natural world; be that through lived experience, memory and personal mythology. She is interested in the visible and invisible forces constantly at play in these spaces. Maria’s printmaking process is time intensive, experimental and intuitive. Her work is alive with color, pattern and texture. Each print uses multiple smaller plates to make the whole, combined with many runs through the press to build color through layering. Every piece is highly unique.
The Durham Art Guild in partnership with the Research Triangle Foundation presents “Beneath the Surface” featuring work by DAG members Bryan “BC” Crabtree, Steevie Jane Parks and Robyn Scott. Scott’s work is representative of her experience living with an invisible disability and missed connections in an able-ist world, creating light and hidden images in place of shadows. Parks uses her work as an avenue to build emotionally informed artscapes that explore the emotional and spiritual challenges that connect all humans. BC creates pieces that are informed by art history as well as technology, to record memories and tell stories that do not fit within traditional styles of art. Aesthetically, these artists take a differing approach to their modern, abstract pieces but all invite the viewer to inquire, explore and ponder the thoughts, feelings and experiences that lie beneath the surface.