Exterior of Rho headquarters building
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Rho: Healing the World

When it comes to safe and effective new drugs, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) are at the forefront of generating data to assess the safety and efficacy of new medications for treating diseases in patients. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies generally outsource their drug trials to CROs like Rho, allowing both companies to focus on what they do best while delivering safe and effective new products to patients and healthcare providers.

This is a huge responsibility, one that Rho certainly doesn’t take lightly; in an industry known for its complex regulations, Rho constantly works to exceed expectations. Throughout the potentially 12-year long process of taking a drug from concept to market, it is critical that Rho focuses on the details, ensuring that all medications are as safe and effective as possible.

Rho’s in-depth knowledge is critical to supporting their clients during this process. Unlike many other CROs, Rho creates a completely customized experience for each of their clients and finds a uniquely effective solution for every problem they encounter.

This type of work certainly takes a particularly talented group of individuals to pull off successfully, and that’s exactly what Rho has cultivated over the years – an environment where innovation and critical thinking flourish. All this stems from the incredible company culture Rho set into motion when the company was established.

Dr. Laura Helms Reece

In the words of Rho’s CEO, Dr. Laura Helms Reece, “The genesis of our corporate culture comes from our founders, and my parents, Ron and Mary Helms. From the start, they set high standards for how we work, how we treat our clients, and how we treat one another as employees.” This familial sense of comradery, which started out in the family’s basement in 1984, continues to guide the company as they grow.

It is also critical to Rho’s leadership team that their core values aren’t just words in a boardroom somewhere; they work to live out their beliefs every single day. “As you grow, your systems, processes and structure have to adapt and evolve, but we work hard to ensure our core values and mission remain stable,” says Laura.

In addition to this culture playing a significant role in maximizing their impact, Laura says every member of the company can point to tangible and meaningful contributions being made at Rho. This clarity of purpose is what makes the company both feel and function like a family, as everyone is dedicated to one another as they diligently work together to make the world a better place.

These contributions are not limited to their business and clients. Rho’s pursuit of excellence and their caring spirt have always extended far beyond their office, which is no longer a basement, but a beautiful building in RTP.

In many ways, the ecosystem of RTP and the state of North Carolina reinforces Rho. For instance, many employees — including Helms Reece herself — are products of North Carolina’s public school system. Because of this connection with the community, the company makes it a priority to reinvest in the next generation. They do this through outreach programs and by investing in new graduates from the Triangle’s world-class universities.

Rho is proud to call the Triangle home, and strongly believes in what the region has to offer to both their company and employees. The future of the Triangle Region is of the utmost importance to Rho; they are always looking for opportunities to give back to and invest in the community. The example they set not only makes them a wonderful company to work for, but also serves as an inspiration for the Triangle community. “We value being a small business, with a single office location, with most of our employees living and working in the Triangle,” Laura says. “That is an important part of our identity.”

To find out more about Rho, visit their website or check out Laura’s interview on the CEOs To Know podcast.