Frontier Warren
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Frontier Warren is modeled after the successful Frontier RTP project in Research Triangle Park, and marks an historic collaboration

Research Triangle Park, NC – July 28, 2020 – A new launch point for startups and entrepreneurs has opened in Warren County, NC. Inspired by the Frontier RTP innovation campus in Research Triangle Park, Frontier Warren was intentionally designed to provide the type of collaborative community environment that growing businesses need to prosper.

Frontier Warren is composed of two buildings; the first provides office space for 10 companies, while the second provides shared meeting rooms and coworking space. “Frontier Warren is designed create an entrepreneurial ecosystem for businesses to develop and grow in rural Warren County, and establish links with some of the most influential organizations in the region, nation and world, which are located in Research Triangle Park,” says Robert Davie, Warrenton town administrator.

Robert Steverson, a consultant for commercial bamboo firm OnlyMoso, is excited by what it means to have a space at Frontier Warren. “I’m thrilled to have an office in the center of downtown, but it’s more than that,” he says. “The idea of a place where businesses and entrepreneurs can come together to collaborate is what’s missing in many small towns in North Carolina. Small organizations don’t always realize how many resources are accessible to them in their own towns.”

The partnership also represents a historic move for the Research Triangle Foundation, the organization tasked with the stewardship of RTP’s land and amenities. “We’ve had the same mission since 1959, and it includes creating an economic impact for all citizens of North Carolina,” says Scott Levitan, president and CEO of RTF. “This is an intentional step in how we uphold that mission.” The RTF Board of Directors approved the proposal in November 2019, and worked together with the Town of Warrenton and Warren County officials, including former economic development director Stacy Woodhouse, to cement the partnership.

Frontier RTP launched in January 2015 as the Triangle region’s first free and open coworking space. The concept took advantage of an open floor plan in an outdated building once occupied by IBM. Word quickly spread, and as demand grew, RTF began refurbishing adjacent buildings and planning programs for the community, including food truck rodeos, fitness classes and networking events. The campus now spans nearly a half million square feet, and is home to 100 of RTP’s 300 companies.

Similar events are planned for Frontier Warren to reinforce the tenants’ connection to one another and the town. “This new initiative offers our media agency a new way to connect with our local community and gives our team a gathering space,” says Kristen Baughman Taber, founder of Tabletop Media Group, another Frontier Warren tenant. “We’ve met so many other local business owners already, which has led to unique collaborative projects. I look forward to the future of Frontier Warren and continuing to be a part of it for a long time to come.”

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