RTP180: Medical Devices
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Back on September 19th, we brought in *SIX* experts from the region to speak on medical devices. I don’t know about you, but before researching this topic, my thinking was more towards things like stethoscopes and needles. What I found, and what I hope our audience saw to, is that this region is pushing the boundaries of what the medical device industry means and produces.

Up first, we welcomed Frontier RTP’s own Vijay Mohan of RxDataScience, who walked us through real life examples of the operation side of data analytics in the medical device field. Did you know 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last few years and it is estimated that data is growing x2 every 18 months? Learn more here.

Next up, we had Nicole Wicker of Altopa, Inc. talk about pot. Yep, weed. As uncomfortable of a topic as that may be for some, Nicole explained that there are 140 cannabinoids in cannabis and only one, THC, gets you high. The others, such as CBD, CBG, and CDA have healing properties. Learn how she is regulating the industry standard here.

Dr. Stuart Ginn and Diana Rhyne took the stage next. These  two folks work daily with the nation’s first (and only) medical package drone system. Watch their talk here to hear more about the development, implementation, and voyage of the drone system being used at WakeMed Hospital. Learn more here.

Yevgeny Brudno of the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNC & NC State spoke on drug delivery systems. He gave the example of chemo and how, frankly, it is sucky for more reason that one! The dosage has to be high, causing all the awful side effects, because drug diffuses into both cancer and healthy tissues. Learn about research being done to combat this, here.

Finally, rounding out our crew was Ted Mosler of EG-GILERO, who walked us through his design process for medical devices. Ted accelerates innovation from a concept to commercialization every day and is driven by personal stories and past experiences. He saw problems and wanted to do something about it. Here about his passions here.

Next month, things are taking a spooky turn! Join us October 17 for RTP180: Blood & Guts. Sounds gory, but our experts will be speaking to the inner working of both the human body and in animals. Snag you seat here before they vanish!