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Are you an introvert, extrovert or socially awkward extrovert? After listening to Joe Novara’s presentation at this month’s On the Menu, I learned that your personality type doesn’t dictate the results of engaging, developing and retaining your target audience. However, the third item on that list may be the hardest to accomplish.

Joe, a speaker, author and coach, is a regular here at Frontier RTP, and it only felt right to bring him in as our expert this month to lead a session on Intentional Prospecting.

Here were my top 5 takeaways from our session:

  1. Cold calls may be scary, but relationship marketing is crucial in a successful business. Honing in on you target market helps get results.
  2. Before setting foot in a networking event, set a goal for yourself—and stick to it! One good goal is to really listen and get to know the folks you are meeting.
  3. SEO is king! Be sure to use words on your site (and in any articles or blogs that you write) that are “keywords” in your industry. This will push you to the top of Google and your audience will be able to find you faster!
  4. Don’t pad your testimonial page or ask for 5 stars. People can tell. Period.
  5. Never forget to follow up with your current clients. Sometimes it is better to foster the relationships you already have rather than pounding the pavement for new leads.

Next month, we will be back again to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively with Hank Hoffmeier. Grab your seats now, 50% are already spoken for!