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Design concepts with Unity Digital Agency.

Research Triangle Park has had a lot to celebrate in 2019. Our 60th anniversary year has been packed with new developments, new companies and new connections. From announcing Boxyard RTP, our sustainable shipping container development, to the growth of our Frontier RTP innovation campus, we are purposefully rewriting the definition of what it means to be a research park.

We realized in late 2018 that we needed a better way to tell these stories, and our website was the perfect vehicle for this realignment. So, with the help of Unity Digital Agency, we began creative workshops, design thinking sessions and brainstorming to determine how exactly we could bring all of these stories together in a way that both educated and excited visitors.

As we worked, we also realized that each of our current projects had its own visual and written identity — one that would be difficult to sum up with a single website. So, we took an alternate route and chose to instead build five sites — one for each of our exciting initiatives. They can be found at the top of the page:

Each page can be accessed using the tabs at the top of RTP.org.

Those initiatives had their own identities, and had stood on their own for quite some time. But when it came to our new site, they didn’t quite feel unified. For that challenge, we turned to Rivers Agency, whose team of creatives helped us untangle the web of stories that make up how we are serving the mission of the Park. We found a badge that would carry that common thread to each page while representing the universities that founded RTP.

Our new badge includes colors from UNC, Duke, NCCU and NC State in a fluid gradient that represents our connectivity.

The Rivers team created a stunning new logo and identity for Hub RTP, our mixed-use development at the center of the Park. We also re-named our K-12 STEM outreach program, STEM RTP, to reflect its evolution.

The resulting combination of this creative and functional work is a site we are truly proud of. The new RTP.org provides an individual platform for Park companies and community members, the Frontier RTP community, Boxyard RTP, Hub RTP, and STEM RTP. We invite you to check it out, and hope you like it!