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This guest blog is written by Mark Heid, the Director, Product Management for Machine Learning at Fidelity Labs, which is located here in RTP. We’re excited to have Fidelity Investments sponsoring the Triangle Tech Speaker series. You can get tickets to the first event on November 1st at The Frontier by visiting this page

Fidelity Investments is very pleased to sponsor the Triangle Technology Speaker Series at The Frontier.  First up is a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Nov 1st.   Fidelity recognizes AI as a strategic imperative for companies across all industries.   

As Director of Product Management for Machine Learning at Fidelity Labs,  I lead teams in assessing, defining and implementing artificial intelligence projects across the firm.  AI provides compelling opportunities to lead our market and serve our clients with creative algorithms applied to rich datasets.

In the November 1st AI event, I will moderate a cross-industry panel discussion by AI experts talking about:

  • specific “use cases” successfully implemented at companies today,
  • business considerations for implementing AI projects, and
  • the future of AI for our society.

Our expert panel includes:

Our panel discussion will include opportunities for the audience to contribute their insights as we cover the following themes:

Use Cases
With all the hype around AI, what actual value is the panel seeing AI generate today?  What was the business “pain” or need and how is AI increasing revenue, reducing costs or improving client, customer or employee satisfaction?

Business Considerations
Assuming a well-defined business need and strong algorithmic approach, what other considerations can impact the success of AI initiatives?  What role does data availability and curation play?  Will the incremental revenue from AI functionality justify development costs? What are the regulatory and security constraints?

What Is The Future of AI?
If we look ahead at the likely progression of AI adoption, what does it do to jobs, personal privacy and legal frameworks?  Will workers be displaced by AI more often than “augmented?”  How far afield will business go to get data that provides competitive advantage?  Will consumers place constraints on the use of their personal data?  Can governments keep-up with the pace of change?

You can register for the event here. I look forward to seeing you there!