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The Catalysts for Innovation award was granted to two companies that demonstrated collaboration between universities and industry. EcoPRT was one of the inaugural winners, and is working to create a new mode of transportation. The company isn’t focused on long range transit, but rather innovative ways to move people across spaces like universities or corporate campuses. Their environmentally friendly option could become a more cost effective method of short range transit over systems like trolleys or light rail systems. 

Based out of NC State’s Centennial Campus, EcoPRT brings together engineering students and seasoned entrepreneurs in order to focus on all aspects of the business. From prototyping and development to implementation, getting the project off the ground is the ultimate example of collaboration. As demonstrated in the video, EcoPRT has a working prototype that has the ability to travel while being driven by remote control. The next step in the products evolution will be finding a suitable testing ground for full implementation. Companies in RTP with large campuses would be the ideal candidate for testing the systems full abilities. 

This is where companies in RTP come in. EcoPRT is actively seeking a company with a large, corporate campus to partner with them on bringing the vision to life. Do you think this sounds like something that your company campus could benefit from? If so, reach out to Seth Hollar via email. He’d love to hear from you!