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There has been a lot of buzz about the Wake County Transit Referendum, and many people aren’t sure what it means or what the implications would be. As this referendum will be on the ballot in November, it is important for voters to be informed. The Research Triangle Foundation Board of Directors has officially passed a resolution supporting the Wake County Transit Referendum.

The Wake County Transit Referendum was developed to address the growing transportation concerns within Wake County. With over 1 million residents (and an estimated 63 added each day!), it is clear that something must be done to address the traffic, congestion, and commuter problems. The proposed plan includes four major goals: connect the region, connect all Wake County communities, create frequent, reliable urban mobility, and enhance access to transit. These goals would be met through the following steps:

-Increase bus service

-Implement bus rapid transit/BRT (bus lanes)

-Implement commuter rail transit/CRT

-Fund local service 

-Increase rural on-demand service

The proposed plan would cost $2.3 million over the course of ten years. It is designed to be funded through local, state, and federal dollars. This would include a half-cent sales tax increase within Wake County.

As the Research Triangle Foundation observes these growing transportation concerns on a daily basis, we show strong support for the Wake County Transit Referendum. We encourage you to take a moment to fully educate yourself on this issue so that you can be an informed voter this fall. For more information, please click here.