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RTP’s COO Mason Ailstock recently completed the first half of his Eisenhower Fellowship in Sweden. During the trip he meticulously documented his travels through his blog and a video series. (Fun Fact: Mason shot and edited all video footage via his iPhone. Pretty impressive!) He traveled to Sweden in order to study and learn about their cutting edge innovation economy and modern research park methods. Throughout many of their science parks, the Swedes have done a wonderful job of integrating the arts and humanities with hard sciences, and are a great case study on ways RTP could grow and innovate through the Park Center development.

Mason worked with Storyboard Media to create a compilation video of all his recordings throughout the trip. It’s worth a watch in order to better understand RTP’s long term goals, and how the lessons Mason’s learned throughout his Eisenhower Fellowship will impact our future. In October Mason will travel to Saudi Arabia to continue his research, so this is just the beginning of more things to come!