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Today we’re launching our first podcast! Called RTP Stories, we plan to highlight and share the stories of the people and work occurring within the 7,000 acres of Research Triangle Park. There are so many great things that happen in our community, and we thought it was high time to begin sharing these in a new format.

For our first dive into the podcast pond, we decided to do a series on transportation. With so many efforts happening concurrently in our region, we wanted to get a feel of how the people of RTP get to and from their jobs each day. In our first podcast, you’ll hear from a die hard group of vanpoolers. Yup! These people took carpooling to the next level, and ride together to and from work five days a week. While changing your transportation habits is not an easy transition, you’ll meet people in this first episode that might make you want to convert.

Be sure to give it a listen and follow along for our next episode!