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On March 15, North Carolina voters will have the opportunity to vote for the $2 Billion Connect NC Bond. While the name might not tell you much about what the bond will actually do, there are many positive things that could be accomplished if the bond passes. It’s been 15 years since voters in NC last approved a bond measure to improve infrastructure, and more than 2 million residents have moved to our state since. From roads to education, read below to learn about some of the projects that could be completed if the bond were to be approved.

  1. Citizens would see no tax increase.

    North Carolina is one of the few states in the US with a Triple A bond rating from all three ratings agencies. Because we have a proven record of balancing the state’s budget, the bond will pay for 50 years of assets, across 20-years of financing, at no extra cost to taxpayers.

  1. State parks – 45 of them – will receive funding to update facilities.

    Our state parks help drive tourist dollars into North Carolina each year, and are a great resource for citizens. If the bond were to pass, these sites of natural beauty would receive funds to perform much needed updates to facilities.

  1. 76 counties across North Carolina will receive direct investment.

    With projects spanning from the mountains to the coast, both urban and rural communities will see projects come to fruition if the bond passes. It’s truly a statewide measure.

  2. Community colleges across the state would see direct benefits.

    Our state has a strong system of community colleges that help provide education and training. Seventeen percent of the bond funding would be allocated towards new construction, repairs and renovations. In many areas, community colleges work directly with industry to craft programs in order to create a pool of skilled workers.

  1. Universities will be able to expand their STEM offerings.

    NC State, Fayetteville State, NC A&T, East Carolina, Appalachian State, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Wilmington, Western Carolina and Winston-Salem State are all slated to receive funding that would help expand their STEM offerings to students. As our economy continues to become more STEM oriented, these types of facilities will be key in keeping North Carolina’s students educated.

  2. Some of the funding is allocated to the NC Zoo, arguably one of our state’s greatest resources!

    Love the zoo in Asheboro? They’re allocated $25 million for a new Australasia Exhibit Complex, updates to the already awesome African Pavilion, and renovations to other areas of the park. Think of the animals! 

Want to know exactly where and how the $2 billion is expected to be spent? You can view a detailed breakdown of how the funds will be spent.  

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