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You may have noticed that we’re really excited about our new coworking space in RTP, The Frontier. We talk about it, blog about it, Tweet about it, host events at it weekly, but it’s time for The Frontier to share some of the spotlight.

While driving down T.W. Alexander, right around the corner from the famous Frontier, you may have seen a collection of buildings on the west side dubbed The Lab. For you history buffs, it used to be called Park Research Center. Since then, we’ve updated the cool factor.


These buildings look straight out of the 1970’s and the not-so-big secret is…they are. These buildings were built in the mid-70s by Research Triangle Foundation for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, which has grown out of these small buildings and into a huge campus in the southern portion of the Park. When NIEHS expanded their RTP presence and outgrew the buildings, RTF started leasing them out as a laboratory incubator.


The goal of The Lab is to provide accessible wet and dry lab/office space with flexible leases at affordable rates. The attainable space encourages companies to start small at The Lab, bloom and grow as they wish. We provide that crucial first stepping-stone for companies to get off the ground, by offering them the skeletal tools and space that they need. From then, it’s up to each company what they make of it.

Currently, 18 companies occupy anywhere from one room to several buildings at The Lab. The research being done by these companies is widespread. While one company focuses on exploring crop microbiomes to identify products that reduce risk and improve crop yield, another is researching infectious diseases and developing drugs. Everything from cellufacturing, biopharma work, medical contract research, bioscience R&D, neurological research and tech developments go on in the buildings of The Lab, by this slew of dedicated, incredibly skilled companies.

So, keep checking back for updates on The Lab. With a whole new building (planned) to unveil in December for AgBiome, new, exciting plans are coming around the bend. Stay tuned!