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Did you know that each year The Research Triangle Park conducts a survey of ALL the companies located within our 7,000 acres? Surprise! We do, and we share the results with you in the form of our RTP Company Directory.

Over the years, the directory has taken many forms.

In 1993, magazines were all the rage.

Park Guide '93 

Over a decade later, we were still creating hardcopies. This directory from 2012, was spiral bound and could be purchased over our website or via phone for $20. Our lovely staffers would mail you a copy.

black directory

A big change came in 2013 when we made the entire directory free, and posted it online for all the world to see. This move was made in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, to cut down on printing costs and most importantly, to be able to easily update the information. The nature of startups and todays flex economy means RTP is no longer just comprised of companies with thousands of employees. Companies also don’t sign leases based on our calendar year, or when our survey is released.

By going digital, we’re able to update the directory and RTP maps on a more regular basis, instead of just once a year. This allows us the ability to keep you up to date, and to better market the companies that are moving into RTP. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Without further ado, here’s the breakdown of some of the findings:

-Over 200 companies are located within RTP
-30 new companies were added in 2014
-46,000 total employees
-About half of RTP companies are located in 6 incubator/accelerator/startup locations
-Close to 40% of companies have operations in multiple countries around the globe
-53% of companies have less than 10 employees
-When asked, 30% of the companies in RTP identified as startups.

And, who are the Top 15 RTP Employers?

    1. IBM Corporation
    2. Cisco Systems, Inc.
    3. GlaxoSmithKline
    4. Fidelity Investments
    5. RTI International
    6. United States Environmental Protection Agency
    7. NetApp, Inc.
    8. Lenovo
    9. Biogen Idec
    10. Credit Suisse
    11. BASF Corporation
    12. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
    13. Bayer CropScience
    14. Syngenta Biotechnology, Inc.
    15. EMC Corporation 

And, here’s a breakdown of the number of companies by industry:

46% Biotechnology/Life Sciences *
9% Business & Professional Services
3% Clean & Green Technologies
2% Financial & Insurance Activities
10% Foundations, Institutes & Scientific Associations
20% Information Technology
6% Instruments & Advanced Materials
4% Service Providers

*Biotech/Life Sciences can be further subdivided into AgBio, Medical Devices, Pharma & Other Biotech

Until next year, enjoy the 2015 RTP Company Directory