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Research Triangle Park consists of 50,000 full-time and contract employees at over 190 businesses on 7,000 acres. Needless to say…we’ve got a little congestion on I-40. Since RTP has such a large proportion of the region’s employees, we knew it was our job to chime in on commuter-related discussions. The Wake County Transit Plan has involved many key entities and has been in the works since November. The message of the plan is clear: Transit in Wake County needs to improve in order to handle the growing population (See Exhibit A.) , and we’re looking to the people that drive the roads and use transit each day to help us determine how to do it best.

Exhibit A:population growth


This is not the first time that RTP has been involved in an effort to improve transportation-related issues. [email protected] is a committee made up of entirely Research Triangle Park company representatives who gather quarterly to discuss the transportation challenges of the area, how to promote alternative commute options, and ways to spread the word. This group advocates making the trip to work for RTP employees as seamless as possible.

SmartCommute’s goal is one that’s shared with the Wake Transit team. The recently released Wake Transit Choices Report is one of the county’s early steps in getting information about possible transit improvement options out to the public. The report provides a full look into the steps Wake County has already taken, what we currently know about transit patterns, and different ways in which we could go about improving them. The purpose of the report is truly to identify the different options for improving and expanding the county’s existing transit.

Want to make your voice heard? The Wake Transit plan is relevant to the commute of everyone that works in RTP – not just people living or working in Wake County – , and organizers need participants to help gather information.

On the website,, you can find the full Transit Choices Report. After reviewing the report, scroll down and take the Choices Report Survey. Chime in, and play a part in your transit future!

PS – There are public events coming up if you’d like to hear about it in person.