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This Virginia-based company has been around for five years and is finally making its way down to the Triangle. Their goal is to bring fresh, local food and products to people in a way that is simple and convenient. Starting tomorrow (6/11/14) Relay Foods will have a pickup point in RTP.

relayfoodsIf you’re like me, making it to the grocery store is a small task that can sometimes be really hard. It’s turned into a Sunday chore that falls before laundry and after having brunch. But, sometimes brunch turns into an afternoon at the pool and the next thing I know it’s time for dinner, Mad Men comes on in two hours and I’ve only got time for a shower and takeout. Fast forward to Tuesday, and my fridge is practically barren: there’s one yogurt and not a single carrot to eat with what’s left of the hummus.

On Monday we received the official word that Relay Foods would begin service this Wednesday in the heart of Research Triangle Park at 800 Park Offices Drive(the same location as our weekly Food Truck Rodeos). Based out of Charlottesville, VA the company has been in business for five years and is in the process of expanding to the Triangle. Their goal is to conveniently provide customers with local and organic food and products at a fair price. Considering there are no grocery stores within RTP, our entire staff was excited to hear the news!

After talking with my co-workers and learning more about the fine folks over at RelayFoods, I’ve complied a short list of ways the service might make your life a little less stressful:

  1. The freedom to shop when you want.

You can shop from your couch, phone or desk and pick up your bounty each Wednesday from 4pm -7pm at 800 Park Offices Drive. No more running back and forth to the store, saving time and gas. And, online stores never close so when you finish off that last piece of jerky Tuesday night, just add it to your online cart before midnight and you’ll have a new packet the next day.

2. Delicious meal plans are developed weekly for a variety of diets.

The Simple Living Blog is chock full of recipes and weekly meal plans. Have a family member that’s gluten-free, or a daughter that’s dabbling in Paleo? The blog has a meal plan for that, along with suggested variations on ways to make many meals vegetarian, vegan or super meaty. Look for the “Add to Grocery List on Relay” link at the end of every meal plan to make shopping that much easier.

3. They tell you what’s going to be on sale – ahead of time.

In addition to the great meal planning feature on the blog, there’s also a great feature in the Sale category that tells you what’s going to be on sale up to a month ahead of time. Trying to plan that 4th of July picnic? Peaches will be on sale. How about cobbler or white sangria?

4. The savings of a bulk isle.

Who doesn’t love a bulk isle? They’re my favorite when baking or cooking specialty dishes. A quick count leads me to believe the service has most things you’d need: 23 spices, 32 dried fruits and nuts, 23 pastas, grains and beans and 9 baking items and 10 items labeled everything else.

5. Many of your favorite local producers all in one spot.

No more driving to multiple stores or making a separate stop at the famers market! They’ll be expanding their partnerships in the current weeks, but currently Relay Foods is working with Slingshot Coffee Company, Nello’s Sauce, Maple View Farm, Latta’s Egg Ranch, Yawp!, Tempeh Girl, Esazu Artisan Chocolates and Vintage Bee Creamed Honey.

What are you waiting for? Place your order! The team from Relay Foods will be out at the pickup site tomorrow from 4pm – 7pm doing tastings and other fun giveaways. Get your order in by midnight and show them all a warm welcome when you pick up your goods!

And, if you try it out Tweet us @theRTP and let us know what you think!

Twitter: @RelayFoodsTriangle