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Lenovo maintains its headquarters in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, and here, it seems, the electronics giant seems intent to grow.

Just a few days ago, Lenovo announced its purchase of IBM’s x86 server division. As per the Triangle Business Journal, this should equate to jobs in the area. Jay Parker, the North American head for Lenovo, told TBJ, “We’re still growing very quickly here in the North American market,” he says. “Our company has a lot of momentum. I believe this will only help us diversify our portfolio and improve our profitability, and with that strong growth will come jobs.”

Today is a new day, however, and Lenovo has another surprise card up its sleeve: it has just purchased Google’s handset division – Motorola Mobility – for nearly $3 billion dollars. The Verge did a great job of covering the story, so there’s no need for us to do so — but one thing is absolutely clear… Lenovo is staking it’s banners in North Carolina.

It isn’t alone. Citrix, Red Hat, Oracle, TiVo, Google and other major tech corporations are also expanding in region, and Amazon recently released a statement saying it “plans to invest in North Carolina.”

All of this growth has us wondering what other surprises 2014 will hold. But only time will tell..