The Research Triangle Park

Park Center

Fifty-five years ago, the Research Triangle Park transformed the economy of North Carolina. 

Now we’re poised to do it again — pointing the state toward a brighter future with a redevelopment we call Park Center.  

Located on almost 100 acres, right along the I-40 corridor, Park Center will be a visible symbol of the changes ahead for the Park, the region and our state. 

It marks the first redevelopment in RTP’s long and storied history. It will bring to the Park, for the first time ever, an array of eateries, retail, recreation and entertainment. There will be places for people to live, close to where they work, or stay while they are visiting. 

More importantly, it will be a place where leaders in technology, science, the arts and the humanities can come together, collaborate and create a better future for us all. Creating a place where collaboration can occur between industry and academia, nonprofits and corporate titans, entrepreneurs and government is our goal. We want to create spaces for people to gather, meet, hang out and be inspired. 

For in the end, as always, our greatest resource is our people.

We are taking great care in fashioning our vision for Park Center. While creating density, we want to respect the character of the land and the Park.  It needs to be sustainable.  We imagine an area that is walkable, bikeable, accessible to all — and eventually linked to regional transit. 

We want to create an environment that appeals to the current and future knowledge worker – to enhance recruitment and retention of these highly sought-after people.  We imagine a redevelopment unlike any other in North Carolina, with distinctive architectural and natural features. And room for what the Brookings Institute calls “networking assets” — one of the characteristics that caused Brookings to single out RTP for praise among the world’s top innovation districts. 

We have always worked closely with our founding universities, of course, but we’ve gone beyond those natural alliances and fostered dynamic relationships with others including American Underground, HQ RaleighCentennial Campus startups. We applaud the success of all our partners; our region and state only emerge stronger for their work. 

 With Park Center, we hope to re-imagine what The RTP can be, always making good on our core mission to enrich education, create jobs, and lift the people of our state.

Our timetable is ambitious, but we won’t wait for the first ground to break before we begin bringing people and ideas together.


The Frontier — This is just the beginning!

In a building we call The Frontier, we are already nurturing the bold ideas that will lead our state into its new future.  

You’ll want to check out the newly activated space to see it in action! This space was retrofitted to create a community of doers, creators, and dreamers, those who believe their minds are an #EndlessFrontier. Conveniently located between the three points of The Triangle, The Frontier will be the convening point to unite Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Everyone is welcome to drop-in for free wi-fi, Counter Culture coffee, cozy work space, meeting rooms and to learn about the programs offered!