The Research Triangle Park


Stephen “Steve” Martin is the current President of the Research Triangle Park Owners and Tenants Association.  He is also Workplace Manager Lead for Cisco Systems, the second largest employer in the Research Triangle Park.  In his 16 year tenure at Cisco in RTP, Steve has been involved in the growth of their corporate campus.  In 1990, he started as Strategic Planner, when the company had just opened its fifth building and was less than 900 employees and partners.  Cisco now has twelve buildings spanning 185 acres, 1.8M square feet, and over 7,000 employees and partners who call the RTP campus their home.  Steve has been involved in practically every aspect of the campus development, including land procurement, building and interior space design, occupancy and daily management.

Steve was involved in the acquisition of an additional 22 acres to support Cisco’s future growth plans.  His current oversight turned to managing the America’s Field real estate portfolio of 6.5M square feet and approximately 23,000 occupants, which spans from Canada to Latin America, with the exception of the corporate headquarters located in San Jose, CA.   

With over 25 years of experience in corporate design, development, and facility management, Steve has managed all aspects of the daily work life.  He is currently leading a team that is delivering Cisco’s open office evolution from legacy workstation environments to more open and collaborative workspaces, across the America’s portfolio.  He has also been involved in their Data Center strategies, portfolio optimization programs, and delivery of some really cool specialty spaces like the RTP campus fitness and health centers.

“Over my years at Cisco, I’ve enjoyed being involved in projects like the campus development that Cisco has achieved and seeing it go from dream to reality.  Remembering aerial pictures of the southern portion of the Park when it was all farm land and now utilizing software apps that allow fly-bys and aerial views without ever leaving my desk, apps that didn’t exist when we started, not only speak volumes to what we’ve accomplished from a development aspect, but just how far the technology has come as well.  It all makes my involvement with the Research Triangle Foundation Board that much more engaging as the next 50 year plan comes to fruition and the plan goes from vision to reality.”