The Research Triangle Park


MCNC is a technology company located on the TUCASI campus of the Research Triangle Park. The organization has successfully built and operated high-speed broadband infrastructure to a variety of partners across North Carolina, bringing connectivity to many areas that were previously unserved or underserved.

By rolling over each icon, you can see the impact MCNC has had in a variety of industries:

 University of North Carolina Institutions and NCICU Institutions: MCNC has provided broadband connectivity to each of the 17 campuses affiliated with the University of North Carolina System and many of NC’s independent colleges and universities. Students are now able to access lightning fast Internet across NC.

 NC Community Colleges: In many counties across the state, community colleges serve as the single outlet for citizens to gain new skills or further their education in a convenient and cost effective manner. Using the North Carolina Research Education Network (NCREN) that MCNC constructed throughout NC, the organization now provides service to 58 community college campuses across the state.

 Hospitals & Public Health Sites:  With healthcare becoming ever reliant on electronic medical records for proper patient care, our state now has expanded access to link health programs and institutions through the $7.2M contract for state-wide telehealth won by MCNC to build and install broadband to non-profit hospitals and other public health agencies. Doctors, patients and their families can reap the benefits.

Public School Districts & Charter Schools: Notice how there are a lot of dots on this map? That’s because MCNC has connectivity to all 100 counties across North Carolina through Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in each county. Once connected at a central point, MCNC’s fiber is connected to elementary, middle and high schools throughout the county. You can even visit this link to see usage levels across the state.