The Research Triangle Park

Winning at All Costs: Doping and Detection at the Olympics and Beyond

RTP, NC Feb 19 12:00 pm - Feb 19 1:30 pm

RTI Press and Dr. Brian Thomas, series editor of Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry, welcome Professor Anthony C. Hackney to RTI to discuss doping and performance-enhancing drugs at the Olympics and in sports in general. Dr. Hackney’s presentation will draw on his new book, Doping, Performance-Enhancing Drugs, and Hormones in Sport: Mechanisms of Action and Methods of Detection, co-published by RTI Press and Elsevier.

Registration for this event is open until February 14, 2018, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.


Location: RTI International— Dreyfus Auditorium, Haynes Building 3040 E. Cornwallis Road