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WIB-RTP presents “Equitable Organizations: How to Be One, Why You Want to Work for One”

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Women In Bio-RTP Chapter

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Alicia Koblansky
[email protected]

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BASF (Big Conference Room Inside the Main Site) 26 Davis Dr Research Triangle Park, NC May 7 6:00 pm - May 7 8:00 pm

It is often easy for companies to wind up looking, acting, and thinking homogeneously. After all, a couple of strong employees may look to others like them to carry on the legacy of success! However, striving for a more equitable approach to hiring, development, retention, and promotions brings an organization new ideas and accelerated, sustainable growth. We will take a look at how to become an equitable organization through the hiring and management of employees with diverse ideas and backgrounds. We will also discuss ways of approaching the topic of becoming an equitable organization so that attendees can be equipped to have open and honest discussions with colleagues as well as bring up the topic to leadership and others.

Following the event, participants will better understand the following:

• What an equitable organization looks like
• The benefits of being and working in an equitable organization
• Tangible ways to help become a more equitable organization

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