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WIB-RTP Presents a Workshop: “Redesigning your Career,” with an offer of a free Professional Photo

Research Triangle Park, NC Nov 9 5:15 pm - Nov 9 8:30 pm

Are you wishing for a new role in a new place, but stuck on how and when? Many professionals feel "stuck" at one point or another in their career... Perhaps you have navigated your career and reached the place you thought you wanted to be. Now that you are there, you looked around and wonder "Now what?"

There is no need for stress or random "what ifs?" when it comes to changing jobs/careers. In today's rapidly changing economy, employees are changing jobs and careers at a break neck speed. In this interactive workshop, Phoenix Rising Consulting Group will help you break free from that rut and move forward in a way that feels fulfilling and aligned with who you really are.

Belinda Ransom-Davis, MSOB, who has over 20 years of experience coaching executives, leaders, and mangers and Jill Jones, SPHR, will lead the workshop. Both women have worked across multiple industries as consultants on a variety of performance and strategic initiatives. They will help you figure out what you truly want to accomplish professionally and get you on the right path to achieve that goal. They will explain how to address the fears, overcome defeat, and create a strategic transition plan for yourself that will ease your career changing woes and give you the confidence to take that next bold career step.

Whether you are a student, new to the industry, or an experienced pro you will greatly benefit from attending WIB-RTP’s Career Workshop! As an added bonus, professional photographer Colin Huth will help you redesign your Social Media image with a great professional photo, free of charge to all attendees.



NC Biotech Center

15 TW Alexander Drive, Durham, NC 27703

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