The Research Triangle Park

What Is Your Enough Factor City-To-City Tour

THE FRONTIER - 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP Apr 25 11:30 am - Apr 25 1:30 pm

Did you know that you have a super power to attract Mr. Right? It's called your enough factor. And though it is as unique as your DNA and as coveted as The Hope Diamond, many women don't know what theirs is.

At our 2-hour lunch-n-learn session, you will remove the L.I.D.S. from your super power by:

L. earning the one word that will turn off Mr. Wrong and grab the attention of Mr. Right...immediately

I. dentifying behaviors that undermine your voice, your value and your vision

D. iscovering your super power to have great love

S. hifting from validation-seeking to values-centered relating

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We look forward to seeing you!

Event will take place in the Fusion Room at The Frontier in The RTP.