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The New Sitterson/Brooks Grand Challenge: Designing Engaging and Effective Learning Experiences

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UNC Department of Computer Science

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Brett Piper
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Chapel Hill, NC Oct 26 4:00 pm - Oct 26 5:00 pm

Inspired by the first Sitterson Grand Challenge, a competition in Dinesh Manocha’s motion planning class in which UNC students trained dog-shaped robots to find a traffic cone, I will discuss one of the grand challenges of education: designing engaging and effective learning experiences that can be automatically tailored for each student. I will present my work in educational video games, including Refraction, an award-winning video game for learning fractions that has been played one million times, and Crystallize, a brand-new 3D language learning game that simulates immersion in a foreign language environment. I will discuss the challenge of reverse-engineering students’ thought processes, and demonstrate an approach that can diagnose 28 misconceptions in K-12 math across nine different topics. I will also discuss how I challenge undergraduate students in my video game design classes to achieve real-world impact, and how this has led to the creation of games with 190,0! 00 players and reviews on highly selective websites.

Erik Andersen is an assistant professor in Computer Science at Cornell University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington and his B.S. from UNC-Chapel Hill. His research aims to make education more engaging, automated, and adaptive. He is a co-creator of multiple educational video games that have attracted millions of players and received major awards from Disney and NHK. His work has received three best paper nominations and a best student paper award at CHI, EDM, and AIIDE.

This talk is hosted by the UNC Department of Computer Science as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series. The 2015-2016 Distinguished Speaker Series is generously supported by CapTech and Cisco. RSVP

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Erik Andersen - “The New Sitterson/Brooks Grand Challenge: Designing Engaging and Effective Learning Experiences”

Monday, October 26, 2015
4:00 p.m.
014 Sitterson Hall, Chapel Hill