The Research Triangle Park

Triangle Linux Users’ Group

THE FRONTIER | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP Jun 8 7:00 pm - Jun 8 9:00 pm

At the June TriLUG meeting I will show what a $150 starter TARPN station looks like as well as a multiple-link network node used to tie several destinations into a single Raspberry PI. I’ll bring some sample antennas. I may even be able to show communications from a station set up at the meeting into our existing 42 mile wide network.

In 2014 I started creating the TARPN web site to promote a technology, philosophy, and system for promoting and building a scalable digital communications system with education as a major purposes and with the goal of having Raspberry PI users communicate over distances of hundreds of miles by stepping through intermediary stations, all built by hobbyist volunteers using equipment located in our homes or at sites the participants control.

TARPN’s buzz-phrase is "off-the-grid text messaging". We communicate entirely on hobbyist controlled networks, mostly located in our homes. Internet is neither required nor desired. The challenge and reward is doing it on our own. This also gets us some extreme educational opportunities. See our web site at TARPN.NET.

Pizza and soft drinks will be served. Meeting will take place in homebase at The Frontier in the RTP.