The Research Triangle Park

Touch; It Makes Sense

THE FRONTIER | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP, NC Apr 18 11:30 am - Apr 18 1:00 pm
You are invited to an interactive workshop by Bob Lehnberg:
You are constantly receiving information through all of your senses and you are usually aware of but one at any moment. This presentation will heighten awareness of your sense of touch.
Touch and movement are related senses that develop together.
Touch is recognition of yourself and of others; an affirmation of presence; “Yes, I see you. Yes, I feel you.”
Touching someone else changes them and changes ourselves, your sense of self.
Living Well Connections will consider less the science and physiology of touch and more your relationship with touch.
This presentation has some simple activities for you to enjoy and a full lunch may not be convenient, though you may want to bring a snack if desired.
Bob Lehnberg has been exploring and teaching somatic (body-mind) studies for over 30 years, yoga and qigong. He currently teaches in programs of Body-Mind Centering (movement development and experiential anatomy) and continuing education classes to massage therapists
and body workers.
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Location: Canyon at The Frontier in The RTP