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The Power of Story | Workshop by NEW KIND

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New Kind

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Raleigh, NC Jun 15 8:30 am - Jun 15 11:30 am

For thousands of years people have used stories to share ideas. Today as the amount of information grows, stories become more important than ever. Stories cut through complexity, provide context, and make information persuasive. We are all in the persuasion business. Every person has the power to communicate your brand in ways not possible before social media. Yet too often we get lost in facts and details. Stories help bring brands into focus and make them memorable.

This storytelling workshop is designed to help you recognize the elements that make stories powerful so you can frame facts as stories. The workshop will not only help you grow more comfortable as a storyteller, but inspire you to find compelling ways to better bring your organization’s story to life.



  • Exploring what makes stories so powerful
  • Defining the common elements of a story
  • Crafting your own stories



Lead by: Jonathan Opp - Chief Poetics Officer & Partner, New Kind

Tickets: Early Bird - $75 | Regular - $100



CAM Raleigh
409 W Martin Street , Raleigh, NC 27603
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