The Research Triangle Park

The Intellectual Property Law Institute Presents: Copyright & Trademark Bootcamp

Durham, NC Jun 9 9:00 am - Jun 9 3:00 pm

This event is an educational legal workshop for artists, musicians, writers, and entrepreneurs. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about their desired area of intellectual property law, the legal protections available, and the process for federal registration. The event will have two separate tracks: (1) Copyright Law Track; and (2) Trademark Law Track. Participants will choose which area of the law they want to learn and attend legal seminars and workshops about that specific type of intellectual property.

During the morning, local attorneys will conduct seminars providing a foundational overview of the relevant legal concepts and the requirements for protection. To begin the prorgram, participants will enjoy a summary of intellectual property laws. Then, participants will attend educational sessions for the specific track they have chosen. During the afternoon, attorneys will host breakout sessions where they explain and demonstrate the process for federal copyright or trademark registration to small groups of participants.



Location: NCCU School of Law | 640 Nelson Street