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The Bots Are Coming (Chat Bots)

The Bots Are Coming (Chat Bots)

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Classroom | Frontier 800 | 800 Park Offices Drive, RTP Aug 20 6:30 pm - Aug 20 8:00 pm

This month, we will take a deep dive into the role of chatbots in digital marketing and SEO. From lead generation to sales, surveys to segmentation, chatbots can help your business serve your customers and increase engagement with your content.

We will be joined by Teresa Robinson and Kevin Welsh to learn how they each approach the creation of chatbots. This discussion will touch on using code with Dialogflow to build a custom integration with a database. However, we will begin by learning how a chatbot builder can automate customer service and lead generation.

This discussion will focus on the basics and intermediate opportunities for using chatbots. However, we will also touch on some of the more complicated possibilities for advanced chatbot development.

Teresa Robinson
Teresa is the founding owner of TR Marketing, a boutique marketing agency specializing in helping businesses grow their database of customers - the equivalent of creating your own radio station! She does this through a technology stack of tools, one of which is chatbots. Teresa is one of the few chatbot builders in the area and is a Certified Manychat Agency Partner.

For just over 8 years, Theresa has owned a digital marketing agency. Before that, she spent 20 years working as a software tester. In addition, she has been the V.P. of Operations in her family-owned BBQ sauce company.

Chatbots, when used for Messenger Marketing, are an incredible tool for lead nurturing. Theresa combines chatbots with other strategies, to grow her client’s lead lists:
From your website
Paid and Organic methods
Facebook and Instagram ads
Directly from your Facebook Page
From posts
From print
& more

She has bound that Messenger marketing gets incredible open rates of 80-90%. This makes chatbots a great tool for growing your business by:
Nurturing your list with content
Selling directly from your chatbot
Survey your customers
Easy segmentation
Much more

Kevin Welsh
In 2004, Kevin launched Welsh Technologies, a consulting and development shop that specializes in creating ecstatic clients, among other things. Over the years, the company has built tools for marketing, advertising, sales, inventory, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, politics and other sectors. Today Welsh Technologies primarily focuses on developing solutions around business intelligence, process management and mobile data acquisition, helping companies gather data so that decisions can be made based on one version of the truth.

Kevin has a strong passion for both technology and abstract thinking. As the lead software architect for Welsh Technologies, his main roles include engaging with clients to analyze their needs, engineering creative solutions and then managing the development team as they bring them to life.

He is also an audiophile and launched Musica Pristina in 2012. There he designs and builds high end audio appliances. He manages a team of electrical engineers and industrial designers who invoke breathtaking music experiences by creating the most accurate devices physics allows.

More recently, Kevin has started working on a tech focused camp geared toward high school students. The camp is in its infancy but aims to provide an experience beyond simply learning coding fundamentals. Kevin intends to create an environment that teaches strategic thinking, teamwork and presentation skills to name a few.

Most importantly, Kevin is the father of 3 amazing girls with one on the way. Being self-employed has afforded him a lifestyle where he’s actively involved in his family life with his wife and kids.

What you will learn:
Beyond decision-tree / linear chatbots
A few options for creating the smart backend for bots
The complexity involved in doing chatbots well
A few examples from likely, and unlikely places

Join us to learn how chatbots can be used to grow your business, serve your customers, generate leads, and automate nurture funnels - ultimately driving sales.

Meeting schedule:
5:00 – 6:30 Networking Pizza Party
6:30 – 8:00 Presentation with Q/A
8:00 – 9:00 Rookie’s Networking After Party