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Strategic Partnerships and Joint Ventures Meet-Up

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Strategic Partnerships and Joint Ventures Meet-Up / Chris Mackay

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Chris Mackay
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The Frontier | 800 Park Offices Drive, RTP Sep 22 11:00 am - Sep 22 1:00 pm

This group is all about Match-Making great entrepreneurs and creating powerhouse teams. Due to the lack of good places to meet other like minded professionals, this group was created to be something different than the same old beer social where no good conversations happen and no real matches are made. Don't get me wrong, there will be beer involved, however everyone must be active in this group and participate with meeting ideas and creative thought.



If you want to attend this Meeting.. Join the meetup group and answer the simple 5 questions to join. This group is open to everyone seeking exactly what is said in the title. 

This meeting will be conducted as follows; 5 min. limit - each person will present what they do, who they are and what they are looking for.. Then 5 min Q&A. We will then be broken up into small groups to converse and problem solve our needs.



The Frontier - Canyon Room

800 Park Offices Drive, RTP 27709