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STOP LYING (to yourself): Combatting the noise that says “I can’t”

THE FRONTIER | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP, NC Jan 10 12:00 pm - Jan 10 1:00 pm


“I suck. I can’t do it. I’m scared to get started. I know I’m not good enough. People will judge me. I’m not experienced or expert enough to do this. That person is more qualified than me. More likable.”

Think about a life goal of yours, whether the one you want to accomplish in 2018 or a giant dream you want to live out before your death bed is a reality. One that you have yet to start, but you think about consistently.

Why is it that you haven’t started it?

It could be because you have been fed lies about your abilities, or you’re creating and believing lies about yourself. Lies like the ones in bold above.

It’s time to stop lying.

You are an amazing person. Someone with the ability to impact others immensely with your life experiences and talents. You are capable of greatness.

It is true that people will judge you for that aspiration, or your experience is not that of the leading expert in the field. Despite this, it’s a lie those are reasons you can’t achieve all you’ve set out to do.

What are the lies you personally experience, that are unique to you?

How can you identify the negative self-talk, discouraging attitudes and disbelief in your abilities?

Where does this noise come from?

What do you do about these things?

Join the BEST LIFE Movement at our January workshop, where we will dive into these questions and combat the noise that says, “I can’t” live out my dreams.



The Best Life Movement is pleased to welcome Kaylee Law,

high-performance coaching marketer, and people-lover. Kaylee has worn many professional hats in her career, from development writer, reporter, and website creator to wedding coordinator, non-profit manager, volunteer trainer, and community-development specialist. Along the way, Kaylee has found joy in relationships with people and has been blessed by the diversity of life stories she has encountered.

However, Kaylee has fallen victim to the many lies in her head that tell her she is incapable of greatness. Lies like, "who are you to make a difference?" or "that guy's got it all figured out and you're clueless," or "you don't have enough credibility for people to listen" or "you're too young to know what you're talking about." Still learning how to fight off lies daily, Kaylee is excited to share some practical action for getting rid of the negative thoughts that keep us from changing the world fearlessly. Those ones that keep us from getting started.



The second Wednesday of each month, The Best Life Movement invites you to join a live workshop and discussion about topics for best and purposeful living. Examining a different subject each month, event attendees get to know other like-minded individuals and learn practical skills and strategies for high performance. Together we learn how to succeed above standard norms in all of life, for the rest of life. Monthly workshops happen from 12 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Frontier in RTP.



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