The Research Triangle Park

Solving Your People Puzzles: DISC Personality Profile

The Frontier | 800 Park Offices Drive | RTP, NC 27709 Nov 9 1:00 pm - Nov 9 3:30 pm

You cannot be self-aware until you know how other people see you. When it comes to learning how your personality impacts how you communicate, connect and lead others, this training is set to provide you with specific information teaching you how to communicate and connect with different types of personality types.
Connecting and building trust is critical to any organization. By the end of this training you will be utilizing your DISC personality profile with every communication you encounter!

Attendees will learn:
The practices and principles of connecting with others;
How your personality impacts how you lead, communicate and work with others; and,
How to strengthen and forge relationships with those who think differently than you.

Overall Professional Benefits of DISC Profiles
· Boost team performance
· Gain a stronger understanding of team members and stakeholders
· Gain insights for hiring and HR
· Reduce employee and organizational stress
· Identify strengths
· Get better results with people (conflict resolution)
· Unlock your leadership potential
· Improve communication
· Increase productivity
· Become a better leader through understanding
· Learn to instantly “read people” better
· Obtain career direction and alignment

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