The Research Triangle Park

SMART Series – Water as a Tool for Industrial Economic Development

RTP HEADQUARTERS | 12 DAVIS DRIVE | RTP, NC 27709 Aug 15 8:00 am - Aug 15 10:00 am

What role does water play in economic development? Turns out, water and water infrastructure can be the deciding factors in where companies decide to locate. Is our infrastructure in the Triangle region prepared for the influx of residents and companies predicted over the next twenty years? As agbio, data centers and IT, and advanced manufacturing companies grow in the Triangle, what role does water security play in their ability to grow and create jobs?

Hear from some of our local utility providers as they outline the growth patterns they’ve experienced and the technologies they’re utilizing to keep up with growth while maintaining premium service and keeping costs to a minimum. 

Cleantech promises to play a large role in the future of the water industry, as municipalities and utilities look for innovative ways to collect new forms of data and reduce water consumption. This panel will cover the intersections of economic development, regulated vs unregulated water utilities, and the implementation of cleantech within this sector.