The Research Triangle Park

Seminar: Advances in Shaking Technology

Event Sponsor

Kuhner Shaker Inc, Enzyscreen BV, PS Biotech GmbH

Event Contact

Dave Laidlaw
[email protected]

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Durham, NC Jun 23 9:00 am - Jun 23 4:00 pm

During the full-day symposium, industry experts will address the following questions in a series of seminars:

- Practicality of various well plate types for screening

- Pros and cons of different well plate and tube options

- Selecting fill volume, shaking diameters and speeds for individual vessels

- Scaling fill volumes, shaking diameters and speeds between vessels

- How baffles impact flask results

- Feeding strategies available for well plates, tubes and flasks


Results: More reproducible screening and easier scale up in stirred bioreactors

Cost: $200 per person - includes coffee and lunch (food and beverages)

Location: Durham, NC