The Research Triangle Park

Scouting For A+ Players

THE FRONTIER | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP Dec 14 1:30 pm - Dec 14 3:00 pm


Founders of start-ups and small business owners are finding it harder than ever to really find A+ candidates that can make a real difference to their business results. These future employees must be able to:

  • Deliver bottom and top line results quickly
  • Be problem solvers not problem creators
  • Have the core competencies or be extremely fast learners

Market Situation

The news headlines tout that the employment market is at full employment since the GFC. Job search groups flourish with individuals that can't find employment. Startups and small companies don’t have time or finances to hire Talent Acquisition teams or to install complicated Application Tracking Systems. Too much time is being wasted hiring average performers, with big risks on the table.


The attendees will be familiar with the following skills:

  • Understand the real purpose of attracting true A Players
  • Align your brand promises
  • Know where to scout for candidates
  • Build relationships to keep your candidate bench full
  • Identify how to apply these practices to your business and career success
  • Master hole-n-one interview techniques

Who Should Attend

  • Founders of small startups with:
  • 4 or more employees and 150K in seed funding
  • Ready to market/pitch for funding in 5 months
  • Investors
  • Angel Investors funding start-ups
  • 1st round VC investors
  • Small business owners with
    • 2 locations and wanting to grow
    • 6 employees or more


The Fusion Room at The Frontier in The RTP

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