The Research Triangle Park

Personal Branding of Your Leadership

THE FRONTIER | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP Feb 1 9:00 am - Feb 1 10:30 am

Today’s marketplace demands understanding of technology. Your success, your leadership, your career, your reputation, should not be managed by technology. Manage your technology with the care you manage your career, your brand. This roundtable discusses promoting your leadership using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Wordpress. Learn how to strategically create a personal branding of your leadership that enhances the value of your presence in an organization - the one you are currently with - or your competition.

What we will cover:

• Discuss why your personal brand is important and adamant to your reputation and career
• Using social media strategically to position you as a thought leader
• Using original content and content strategy to create targeted opportunities

"Recently attended a Personal Branding seminar by Benjamin Wechsler and took away a few thoughtful insights - 'You are successful the moment…that moment…when you are aware that a choice you made had impact'" - Anindo R.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the session and your perspective. I encourage others to attend. Thanks Ben!"- Richard O.

Location: The Fusion Room at The Frontier in The RTP