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On the Menu: The Art of Listening

OTM - The Art of Listening

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Blue Ridge, 1st Floor | Frontier 800 | 800 Park Offices Drive, Durham, NC 27709 Jul 11 11:45 am - Jul 11 1:00 pm

On the Menu: {The Art of Listening}

Listening is an underrated skill. We are saturated with advice on how to communicate effectively, but much of that focuses on packaging our ideas so that others will listen better – not how we can better listen ourselves. Research shows that active listening can transform relationships, build trust, and increase a team’s creativity. Join us as we learn how to sharpen our listening skills and why, in a world of digital distractions, listening may be the ultimate differentiator.

Rachel Healy of Open Eye Creative will be bringing the noise and Frontier RTP will be bringing the food! Come join us on July 11th from 11:45a-1:00p and bring an open mind for learning, clear ears for listening and an empty stomach for eating. 

Game Plan

11:45am | Doors open. Come on in & grab some lunch!
12:00pm | Event begins
12:50pm | Q&A
 1:00pm  | Go on back to work!

What's On The Menu?

At Frontier RTP, we are constantly growing, and hope you will come along for the ride with us! We developed On the Menu as a way of helping you and your business grow to the next level.

Each month, we'll offer a lunchtime workshop on a special topic related to small businesses or startups. On The Menu will be taught by a diverse group of experts from around the Triangle (some of whom started their business here at Frontier RTP!) in a small group setting.

Our hope is that these workshops will not only be rich in content, but spark dialogue, start relationships, and make your lunch break meaningful. Did we mention there will be food?  Lunch will be provided, so register early to secure your spot!