The Research Triangle Park

Mateo Bamboo Wind Fundraiser

Durham, NC Jun 12 5:00 pm - Jun 12 9:00 pm
Mateo Presents
A Themed Fundraiser For
Bamboo Wind
Dinner by Reservation Only
7p.m. June 12, 2018
Mateo believes strongly in the importance of community and in supporting neighbors and the local arts, and they believe that the local arts are a large part of what makes the community vibrant a wonderful place to live. Mateo is proud to sponsor a fund raising dinner for Bamboo Wind.
Chef Matt Kelley of Mateo fame, (as well as of St. James, Mothers & Sons, and Vin Rouge), has offered to hold a fundraising dinner with all of the proceeds from the dinner going directly to support the Bamboo Wind collaborative performance installation at The Fruit, Durham’s newest art space and creative warehouse complex.
In January 2019 more than 17 artists will come together to explore the poem “Bamboo Wind.” This collaborative project will feature commissioned local talents in the fields of music, film, poetry, photography, sculpture, theatre, costume design and dance for an interactive, multi-media performance installation.
Bamboo Wind is a story of longing and desire, a love story, a fevered dream in a mythical bamboo forest, conceived and produced by poet and sculptor Coke Ariail, choreographed by ShaLeigh Comerford and with photographic explorations by Catharine Carter, Lynne Feiss Necrason, & Wojtek Wojdynski.
Mr. Kelly will create an elaborate multi-course dinner with three waves of multiple tapas that is certain to be a dining experience to remember! Those who have eaten at any of his restaurants know well why he is famous in the area.
This $100 a plate dinner for 40 people will be an exciting exploration of Spanish Tapas with a Southern flavor, followed by a short sampling of the poem by Coke Ariail, and will be held in the private dining room at Mateo’s on Tuesday June 12 at 7pm.
Where else can you have, all in one evening, an exotic menu of food from one of the finest chefs in Durham, a poetry reading about primal dreams in a bamboo forests, and the most interesting companions for conversation about the arts?
Help Bamboo Wind take advantage of this incredibly generous offer. There are only have 40 seats available so please call and reserve early. Enjoy an evening of wonderful food and help support the Arts. Meet the creators of this event. Join Bamboo Wind in helping to make Durham the most interesting and vibrant city in the state. Call today and make a reservation.
For Reservations Call: 919-530-8700
Ask for Bamboo Wind Dinner
Location: 109 West Chapel Hill St.