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Lunch & Learn: Digital Transformation: Concepts to Execution

RTP HEADQUARTERS | 12 DAVIS DRIVE | RTP, NC 27709 Aug 17 11:30 am - Aug 17 1:00 pm

Digital Transformation: Concepts to Execution
Xerox, Kodak, Borders Books and Music, Blockbuster... who's next?  
Amazon, Apple, Uber, Tesla, AirB&B ... Your Company?
Are you disrupting or are you being disrupted? In-depth conversation about digitally transforming Your business for market disruption and competitive advantage. An organization’s ability to leverage technology has become a key differentiator in the marketplace. Innovate quickly, and you obtain a strategic advantage. Move too slowly, and risk falling prey to new and emerging competitive threats.

Who Should Attend
The target audience for this program would be executive level from all companies, non-technical
The program requires a $10 registration fee to attend (lunch included). Space is limited to two people per member company/organization, please. NCTA reserves the right to cancel your registration if you don't meet the attendee requirements outlined above. Questions about registration? Contact Mary Smith, Events Manager, at (919) 856-0393.
About the Presenters
Sasha Birger, CIO - Tizbi - "Tizbi: enabling digital transformation for local customers"

During his 25 year IT career, Alexander has managed multiple software  development projects for small and large companies, including Trialcard, Nomaco, 3Tex, BlueRino and VideoNitch.  He was also in charge of developing internal products that have served multiple public school systems, including Wake County and Charlotte-Mecklenburg County.

Michael McTaggart, President - Global Digital
Mike has over 20 years experience as a leader in IT. He is currently the President of Global Digital. an IT consulting firm  that provides both traditional IT consulting, as well as Digital Transformation services.  Mike specializes in advising/coaching companies to raise their team's Digital IQ, enabling them to become more agile and maintain a competitive advantage.  As an entrepreneur, Mike has garnered respect collaborating with organizations to embrace technology, learn to be innovative, and transform their business.

Ron Harman, Founder - CTO Outsourcing
Ron has 25 years of experience partnering with C-suite executives and entrepreneurs to conceptualize, develop, and deliver software Solutions.  Since founding CTO Outsourcing in 2007, Ron has played key roles in bringing products to market within a variety of industries including healthcare, e-commerce, oil recycling, and education.  Prior to founding CTO Outsourcing, he served as Chief Technology Officer for MDeverywhere, a venture healthcare software company, where he pioneered the use of PDAs in healthcare as point-of-care data capture devices and Software-as-a-Service