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Lunch & Learn – Brandon Mathis – Smashing Boxes

The Cannon Room | 16 West Martin Street, Raleigh, NC Oct 12 12:00 pm - Oct 12 1:00 pm

Lunch & Learn - Brandon Mathis - Smashing Boxes

When working with a REST API, front-end developers have to stay in tight communication with back-end developers and constantly ask questions about what RESTful API endpoint should be used to get what data. Keeping documentation can be a laborious task and it is difficult to keep documentation up to date as your product grows and changes.

How many of you have has a conversations like this?
Frontend Dev: “Can you order the data that comes back from this endpoint by date”
* Backend Dev: “No…”
* Fronted Dev: “Please!!”
* Backend Dev: “Okay”

GraphQL is looking to solve problems like this and create an API standard that scales far better than REST and it’s multi-endpoint architecture. Instead of hitting 3 or 5 endpoints to obtain all the data you need to build a single page, you query a single /graphql endpoint and request exactly the data that you need in the format and order that you want! No more pouring over documentation for artisanal, hand-crafted, farm to table RESTful APIs. Just implement GraphQL on your backend, learn the query language, and that knowledge will be relevant for any GraphQL API you work with in the future!