The Research Triangle Park

Lucrative Leadership Conversations – Liberating Structure Practice

THE FRONTIER | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP Feb 8 12:20 pm - Feb 8 1:20 pm
We REALLY CAN design our conversations to be inclusive and ignite creativity. Learn how and practice here. It's easy to learn and fun!
It's not so much what we talk about. It's HOW we organize, integrate and align the conversation.
I'll facilitate our meeting using the format and guides of "Liberating Structures". These are simply elegant and easy to learn and apply to our leadership conversations.
Attendees vote on the best challenge question to start the conversation.
These weeks "Challenge Question" Options;
1. How can we increase clarity in our roles?
2. Should roles be negotiated all along the way?
Liberating Structures Entree - 1-2-4-All
Engage Everyone Simultaneously in Generating Questions, Ideas, and Suggestions (12 min.)
Come join us and explore how we have an open, generative conversation and see what unfolds!
Ideas and solutions will be sifted in rapid fashion.
Simple and elegant!
BYOB and Please RSVP!
Next date scheduled: February, 15th same time and place. This is so much fun, you'll want to come back!
Location: Canyon in The Frontier at The Research Triangle Park