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How to Turn Conversations into Clients


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Londy Bracale
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Fusion | Frontier 800 | 800 Park Offices Drive, RTP Jul 25 10:00 am - Jul 25 11:00 am

All sales start with a conversation.
How successful are you at converting all your conversations into sales without being salesy?

Do you have a systematic approach that works 100% of the time?

Think about this, all successful companies have systems in place to manage important business functions such as, accounting and finance, business operations or warehouse inventory. What sales system is your company using? Having a CRM tool like SalesForce or HubSpot is a funnel manager not a Sales System. A sales system would bring outside sales, sales support, inside sales, marketing and customer service all on the same platform to function just like your other business systems. Using a systematic and scalable approach to control your prospects behavior will give you the sales advantage you need.

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