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How to Rock Your Relationships

THE FRONTIER | 800 PARK OFFICES DRIVE, RTP, NC Feb 14 12:00 am - Feb 14 12:00 am


We’re family members, co-workers, significant others, parents, friends, roommates, acquaintances, and leaders. But how do we thrive in these relationships?

Life is meant to be lived in community with other people. But how can we be intentional with those we spend our time? How can we love others well, and bring joy to our interactions?

Let's rock as family members.

Technology makes living in community more difficult. It is our challenge to live relationship-based lives in spite of the distance and separation enhanced by smartphones, social media, texts, emails, etc.

Let's rock as co-workers.

In the workplace, the number one reason that people leave their jobs is because of their boss's behavior.

Let's rock as significant others.

In a marriage, the best kind of relationship is made up of two independent, emotionally healthy people, who each have their own plans and commitments to personal growth into the future, and where they overlap in the relationship, are crazy in love, supportive and truly enjoy their time and journey together through life.

Let's rock as parents.

A generous spirit creates emotional well-being. Being concerned with the health and well-being of other people helps us take our minds off of ourselves, and move away from ego-driven thoughts.

Let's rock as friends.

A survey by the National Bureau of Economic Research of 5,000 people found that doubling your group of friends has the same effect on your wellbeing as a 50% increase in income!

Let's rock as acquaintances.

"One person, attracted to you because of who you have become, can change your life forever," as Tom Hill, author and coach, says.

Let's rock as leaders.

The late Jim Rohn says we become the average of the five adults we spend the most time with. Successful people like to help other people. Just ask them.

Join us for the BEST LIFE Movement February workshop and learn how to rock your relationships. After all, those with strong relationships are healthier and live longer than those without.

Location: The Bridge at The Frontier in The RTP

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